"Commons" refers to public resources shared or divided among different communities. These resources are being held jointly and include natural resources like water, land and air. Knowledge, social capital (trust) and cultural assets as the alphabet, are also publicly shared. The Commons, in the context of urbanism, refers to open public spaces as streetscapes, waterfronts parks and natural landscapes.




The Coastal-Park Competition, Tel Aviv

The commons Designing our public space

A young landscape architecture firm, The Commons offers original design along with the latest planning approaches. We bring  vibrant social-ecological thinking to the world of planning, emphasizing human-scaled spaces and enjoyable public realm, and combining functional quality design with community needs and priorities. We design spaces that encourage human interaction and allow people to meet and communicate while enriching the urban environment with cultural and educational content. We are always looking for opportunities to bring virtual and augmented reality into the public space, creating environments that are responsive to our time.

"The commons" aims to lead the urban public spaces planning and design. The public space enjoys and an unprecedented increase of interest in recent years.

We believe the landscape architecture profession as a leader of opinion regarding public space design. We wish to use opportunities presented by this era, to match the pace, variety and stimulation offered by the public space's main competition - cyberspace.

Tali Wexler Founder

Landscape architect, graduate of the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology class of 2003, with a wide professional experience in two leading Israeli firms:

As an associate in Braude-Maoz Landscape Architecture managed projects such as the Dead Sea defenses (National Infrastructure Committee), The Kishon Park Partial master plan of (Haifa), The American Colony historic district (Municipality of Tel-Aviv), Lighthouse Promenade (Municipality of Tel-Aviv) a first prize winner of the prestigious Karan award, as part of the northern sea promenade.

As a senior landscape architect at Zur-Wolf Landscape Architects, Tali led design teams on projects such as Rothschild pedestrian mall and Founders´ Square (Municipality of Rishon Letzion), Central Business Ashkelon, which will create the new city center (Municipality of Ashkelon) and "Hagush Hagadol" neighborhood - residential streets and gardens design (Municipality of Tel-Aviv). In addition as part of her responsibility was business development and public relations.

Over the last six years Tali was chosen to serve as management member of the Israeli Association of Landscape Architects. The Association was founded in 1951 as a non-profit public association, in order to bind and represent the landscape architects in Israel and promote the professions common good. At the association Tali led several national conferences along with friends, founded a youth forum who initiated tours and lectures and most importantly contributed in bringing important issues and agenda to the public awareness.

To build and manage a leading landscape architecture firm , Tali began MBA Degree at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya, at the Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship track. The studies include courses in strategy, marketing, economic aspects of business management and entrepreneurship skills development and leadership.

The Team Our People

Tali Wexler
Tali Wexler // Landscape Architect | Founder

Tali Wexler - Landscape Architect

Technion Israel Institute of Technology, B.LA | Interdisciplinary Centre, Herzliya, Global MBA. 

The founding principal of 'The Commons', a vibrant landscape architecture firm, offers original design along with the latest planning approaches. With a wide professional experience in planning and design various landscape and urban projects, Tali focuses on leading innovative teams, bringing sustainability and social-ecological advanced thinking to the realm. 

Tali serves as a member of management at the Israeli Association of Landscape Architects, where she is leading national conferences and bringing important issues and agenda to the public discussion. 

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Statutory planning

  • Master plan
  • Urban building plans
  • Municipal outline plans
  • National Outline Plan

Public urban design

  • Urban design | urban streets and plazas
  • Parks and gardens
  • Sports and recreation complexes
  • Campuses and institutions

Nature and Landscape

  • National Parks
  • Nature reserves
  • Rivers and Sea shore planning
  • Environmental restoration

Private Development

  • Business complexes
  • Residential complexes


The work process includes a thorough study of the site in all its natural, urban contexts, history and spirit of the place. The landscape design includes storm water management, earthworks balance, "green" long-lasting materials, local vegetation and maintenance specifications.

Of particular importance is the involvement in early stages of construction projects out of belief that the interior and exterior are one and that the best spaces design optimally combines the two. Therefore, to produce a quality user experience while integrating optimum environmental design (such as positioning, topography and surface runoff) is extremely important and significant in early involvement in the planning and design, in collaboration with the architects and the rest of the design team.

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